CENTURIES OF EXPERIENCE The brand's long-standing tradition ensures that customers continue to enjoy the same flavor for years.

TRADITIONAL PRODUCTS Continuing production in an innovative line without departing from tradition.

NATURAL AND ADDITIVE-FREE PRODUCTS Aiming to promote healthy eating by offering consumers natural and additive-free products.


Since its establishment in 1933, Ertürk Şekerleme has been combining tradition with natural products, aiming to provide you and your family with additive-free products to support healthy eating.

The brand's long-standing heritage ensures that the same flavor has reached its discerning customers for years. Without departing from tradition, Ertürk Şekerleme has been producing halva, Turkish delight, and chocolate for nearly a century in an innovative line, offering additive-free products to its customers and contributing significantly to the progress of the industry by enabling many artisans to emerge..


Natural and Additive-Free

Turkish Delight

Click here to see traditional Turkish delight varieties.

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Natural and Additive-Free

Varieties of Halva

Offering new flavors with 100% natural, additive-free, and various types of halva, the staple of tables.

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At Attractive Prices

Mevlüt Candies

Offering the freshest selection with the advantage of being the manufacturer.

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Natural and Additive-Free